Exquisite QIMIAN Shoes for Real Gentlemen

Everyone who has ever watched the movie “Kingsman” unequivocally heard the phrase “Oxford’s not Brogue’s” that became a quote and quickly spreaded in the Internet.

Let’s figure out the fundamental difference and the meaning hidden in this phrase.

Oxfords, started their history from the 18th century, but they are still the classic, strict men’s shoes. Closed lacing, lack of any decorative elements makes this model really conservative.

Over the time, Oxfords transformed and became a symbol of people from the highest class. Many celebrities wear them for various receptions and ceremonies.

Also, in addition to the lacing criteria, there is an additional one — the presence or absence of perforation. Therefore, if your shoes have the minimal perforated pattern — congratulations, you have Brogues.

The third variant is the Derby, which have the distinctive feature like an open lacing with sewn sidewalls on the front part.

The Oxford boots, which still remain the immortal classic shoes, was presented by the famous Chinese manufacturer of leather belts QIMIAN.

The producer managed to go beyond the standard understanding of Oxford shoes and create models that can be combined even with jeans.

The material of the shoes is the natural cow leather. The shoes are sewn with neat seams — an absolutely minimalistic design.

No matter how the fashion trends change from season to season, black and brown Oxford shoes will always be popular. Therefore, it remains to wait, when the new shoes line from QIMIAN will appear in our store, and you can buy for yourself a piece of the male style standard, which will perfectly complement your business and everyday look.

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