Eye-Catching Smartwatch Amazfit Bip Youth Edition

Amazfit Smartwatch Youth Edition — a special edition of light, autonomous and bright Smart Watches!

Amazfit Director personally presented a special edition of the smartwatch Huami Amazfit Bip Youth Edition.

The gadget comes out very colorful and memorable! Four colors: “Black Obsidian”, “Gray Sandstone”, “Khaki” and “Orange Flame” will help the owner of the gadget stand out from any crowd!

The technical characteristics of the devices are more than impressive. The designers emphasized the lightness of smartwatches and the long term of their autonomous work.

Amazfit Smartwatch Youth Edition is equipped with 190 mAh battery.

So that, the weight of Amazfit Smartwatch Bip is just 32 grams, and gadget can work up to 22 hours with an active GPS.

The battery life without activated GPS can be up to 45 days and even up to 4 months on a single charge, depending on what functions of the gadget and how actively you use it.

The diagonal of the screen is 1.28 inches, it is protected by Gorilla Corning Glass 2.5D.

The “heart” of the watch is the low-power Sony chip manufactured by the 28-nanometer process, so you can be sure about the accuracy of the measured data.

As this watch is smart it goes without saying that the device can synchronize with the smartphone and inform the owner about the call or SMS.

The device protected against dust and moisture with the IP68 standard. This means that the gadget is dust protected and splash-proof, can withstand a brief immersion in the water to a depth of more than 1 meter about 30 minutes.

Youthful, stylish, self-contained, with a stunning color — the Amazfit team do know how to surprise the world!

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Smart watch initially has Chinese language only. But software can be updated for installing English language. Videos for assistance is available on YouTube.

This watch is Available only Chinese Language.