Features of the 90 Fun Seven Bar Suitcase

Perhaps not everyone uses such a thing as a suitcase every day, but everyone wants to be sure of the reliability and durability of their travel accessories.

90 FUN engineers analyzed dozens of construction options and the feedback of hundreds of users and had released a suitcase with an upgraded design.

The novelty received all the advantages of its predecessors — a rugged case made of scratch-resistant German polycarbonate Makrolon® + 3-layer composite compressive structure, with higher strength, TSA-lock, small and reliable collapsible wheels with a diameter of 6 cm.

Updates mostly touched the design — on the sides of the suitcase added 7 horizontal stripes to add strength and reliability to the structure.

The accessory looks stylish and recognizable, and it’s very hard to scratch the bar-type surface.

Perfect choice for those who have to travel often and want to enjoy traveling!

In order to find the most comfortable height, the “Seven Bar” handle can be adjusted by the height. It has 4 segments to adjust, so it fits most people.

While traveling, you may encounter a luggage inspection by customs. A suitcase with a TSA-lock can be opened by employees with a special key, while an ordinary suitcase will be simply hacked, and most likely, damaged.

Inside the suitcase, there are 2 compartments, which are separated by curtains with zippers, as well as an extra bag and a small pocket for small things like swimwear or lingerie.

On the side of the suitcase there is a carrying handle. Thanks to the modest size of the suitcase it will fit in any trunk.

The volume of the 20-inch 90 FUN Seven Bar is 33 liters and it`s weight very comfortable — only 3.3 kg.

Durability testing proves that a 90 FUN suitcase is not only a stylish accessory but a reliable companion in the journey!

It remains to choose a color and diagonal — suitcase comes in two sizes, 20 and 24 inches.


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