Feel the Tenderness of Clouds with 8h Down Comforter

The right choice of the blanket can provide you a comfortable sleep environment. And today we will talk about the warmest in the class 8H down comforter.

No extra words, let’s move to the unpacking.

The product comes in a carton box which is not very big.

There is an 8H logo on one of the sides of the box, and the handle on the top for convenient carrying.

The down comforter is placed in a fabric case with a zipper. You won’t have to buy any additional cases for its storing. Very practical and space-saving decision, isn’t it?

The filling of the comforter is the goose down. When it comes to the warmth and durability features — goose down is considered one of the best bedding options.

The quilt is very fluffy but you will be able to see it only when you open the fabric case.

The product made in classical white color which is associated with cleanness. The material is soft and pleasant to touch. Just imagine that you can touch the clouds — using the 8H down comforter you will be able to feel the same.

There are no odor or synthetic additions — only eco-friendly materials.

The principle of work is a concentration of warm under the quilt but at the same time providing good air circulation. The model is available in 5 variations according to the size of the quilt, amount of filler (different weight for the different season: autumn-winter or autumn-spring) and the size of a bed.

Comfortable sleep is a key to a success in all your plans. Do you still have insomnia? We have the cure for it.

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