FINEMADING — Studio, Whose Inspirastion Has Created a Porcelain Cup

As you know, under Xiaomi wing there are more than fifty startups, which receive significant funding from the corporation, creating their own interesting projects. One of these sub-brands is the company FINEMADING, designed and created the Cup — an elite porcelain cup of the luxury class.

Let’s talk about the philosophy of the company and at the end of our conversation you will understand that a porcelain cup from FINEMADING designers is more than just a porcelain cup.

The history of the Cup begins in Jingdezhen — the city of inspiration and of the pottery masters. It was there the designer of the Cup cognized the philosophy of true art, and precisely there, he developed the concept of a future elite porcelain cup covering with drawings of pencil mockups a lot of paper.

The master wanted his creation not to become another cup, among dozens of similar ones. He wanted to create a masterpiece; he carefully thought out every detail, he dreamed of a true porcelain cup — the one of its kind.

That’s why the material of the cup is the elite porcelain of the world famous trademark Hermes. Tempered at a temperature of over a thousand degrees Celsius, this porcelain made the cup translucent — without shadow sections and cracks. Only perfectly smooth and beautiful surface.

The master FINEMADING came up with original and practical wooden ball handles to avoid the burning of the cup owner with the hot tea. With this detail, Cup began to look very interesting and even cooler. In addition, the master also invented wooden saucers-coasters made to match the handles. So, you can’t be afraid to damage furniture or burn your hands — the creator of Cup took care of everything.

After all the reading, do you really want to call the Cup just a porcelain cup? We are sure, no!

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