Five Reasons to Get YiwuYishi Antibacterial Cutting Board

Cutting board is not something people call much attention to. It seems like there no other more ordinary equipment in the kitchen than this. And that is where we are all wrong, because chopping board may not have the craftiest design, but it can still surprise you very much. Here are 5 reasons YiwuYishi Antibacterial Cutting Board is a must-have for your cookery. 

Reason # 1. Dense and low maintenance wood

It is made out of bamboo that is harder in density than other types of wood. The board is not easy to scar with a knife, crack or bend.

YiwuYishi Antibacterial Cutting Board can be given proper hygiene in two simple steps: wash it with hot water and soap and then wipe it dry. It should be borne in mind, that any bamboo kitchen utensil is not suitable for washing machines because the wood is vulnerable to extreme heat. Thus if you want to keep YiwuYishi accessory for years stick with the original cleaning plan. 

Reason # 2. High sanitation

Even the smallest scar on the surface of the cutting board allows the food particles, water and bacteria to accumulate. And since YiwuYishi Antibacterial Cutting Board is hard to scratch it does not give a space for water and food particles to collect or bacteria to grow, keeping it sanitary.   

Reason # 3. Stable working surface

Being 2.6cm thick, which is more than a common cutting board, this YiwuYishi food preparation tool can handle all kinds of chopping, cutting, slicing, cleaving etc. You can not only cut bread or vegetables on it but also chop meat and even bones. 

Reason # 4. Keeps your cooking counter clean

For all those who always end up with meat or fruit juices all over your counter, YiwuYishi made an interesting hack: it added grooves on the board’s edges that gather juices and stop bits of the food rolling off the board. Your cooking surface will not look as messy from now on and the only thing you will have to clean is the board and the knife.

Reason # 5. Two cutting boards in one

The say you should have at least two cutting boards at home: one strictly for meat or seafood and the other for vegetables, fruits, breads etc. If you do not want to splurge on multiple cutting boards then you can still have one, but how not to confuse the sides? YiwuYishi Antibacterial Cutting Board has a fish logo on the one side and a carrot logo on the other. They suggest what type of food should be prepared on each side. Isn't that convenient? 

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