Forget About the Backache with PMA Heating Belt

This new one product of Xiaomi Ecological Сhain will be suitable for all age groups. PMA A10 Graphene Heating Belt with its exquisite packaging will become a good gift for your friends and relatives.

The product is made of graphene, which is known for its high strength, high thermal conductivity, and unique optical properties. It can help to reduce a backache caused by sedentary lifestyle and other issues.

The graphene material has good thermal properties and can generate heat immediately after turning on. It starts to generate heat in 1 second after powering on and achieves the skin temperature in 5-10 seconds.

The heating belt release 6-14μm infrared waves that have an impact on your tired muscles, accelerate blood circulation, strengthen the immune system and promote enzyme synthesis.

The heating belt becomes a reliable element of complex treatment of degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. This device, despite the simplicity, has a warming, irritating and analgesic impact, helps to relax the spasmodic muscles.

The PMA A10 is stylish and lightweight (the weight is only 165g, and a thickness 0,4cm). It provides a smart temperature control, you can choose among three temperature levels (high, medium and low).

The inner side of the belt is made of crystal super soft down material, which is skin-friendly and breathable. The whole belt can be washed and can be worn after drying.

In addition, the graphene heating belt is easy to wear. You can wear it at work, during doing your housework or making exercises. One clarification — the device is not recommended to wear on the naked body. It should be used on the clothing — T-shirts, shirts, etc.

You can charge it using the powerbank so it is not a problem to take it even on a business trip. The device will protect your health during the year.

It is not surprising that popularity of such devices grows rapidly. More and more people choose effective heating of the tired muscles. PMA A10 Graphene Heating Belt — a simple way to take care of your back.

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