FreeTie Men’s Light Running Shoes Hold up Against the Worst

Xiaomi smartphones, cameras, set-top boxes, purifiers etc. are of major interest for its worldwide fan community. The company also tries to move into clothes and footwear production with a few items already being all the rage. Together with its footwear developer FreeTie Xiaomi launched a new line of running shoes called Men’s Light Running Shoes.

These are unisex sneakers available in sizes from 6 to 10. The choice of color is limited to gray and black, both with neo-green inner lining. The sneakers are very lightweight. They are sure to make a place in your bag as a pair of comfortable shoes to change to. The model also has reflectors for you to be seen in the dark.​

The upper is made out of breathable mesh material and the midsole uses a 3-cm thick layer of ethyl vinyl acetate, more commonly known as EVA-foam. This is a new eco-friendly type of foam that provides great cushioning, softens the impact with a running surface and protects from feeling hard objects on the road. The outer part of the sole is ribbed for a better bonding with different road surfaces.

FreeTie Running Shoes offer a proper lacing technique, a soft padded tongue, and a collar to wrap any kind of foot shape perfectly. Those would keep your feet happy during long walks or run.

One of the important aspects of life is taking care of things we value. Shoes also count if you want them to last longer. As announced FreeTie footwear is suitable for machine washing without damaging them. All hail the maker!

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