Full Kit with KingMi Power Strip: 3 Universal Sockets, 3 USB-Ports and Wi-Fi!(Photo Review!)

If you are looking for a reliable, as well as an innovative extension cable, pay attention to the KingMi Power Strip. This gadget is not just an extension cable, but a real multi-function device.

In addition to three outlets that are suitable for European (type F), American without ground (type A) and Australian (type I) plugs, the KingMi Power Strip is equipped with three USB ports that support up to 3.1 amps. Plus a Wi-Fi module that allows the gadget to synchronize with the smartphone.

Particular attention was paid to the safety of operation. The seamless body of the device is made of heat-resistant plastic, which does not burn even at temperatures up to 750 degrees Celsius.

In addition, the sockets hole are covered with special protective curtains, which open only when pressed hard enough. This design solution prevents accidental electric shock to young children who do not yet understand where to put their fingers, and where not.

The on / off button is equipped with a LED.

All three USB ports support quick charging 5V2A.

The maximum rated power of the cable is 2500 W.

The KingMi Power Strip contacts are made of high-quality bronze, which reduces the risk of electric shock, and also provides good contact with the plug.

As you can see, all connections are securely soldered.

Safe and reliable grounding and neat construction.

The extension cable itself regulates the current that is optimal for charging your device via USB ports, thanks to the unique Smart USB chip, so the extension cord does not adversely affect the battery life.

To fully verify the high quality and safety of the case materials, we conducted a so-called “fire test”.

As you can see, both inside and outside, the plastic case melts but does not burn under the influence of high temperature. And this is the most important!

As for the intelligent component of the KingMi Power Strip, everything is also at the highest level here. Thanks to the possibility of synchronization with the smartphone, you can control the turning on and off of electrical appliances connected to the extension cord, adjust the on/off timer, and also look at the consumed energy statistics.

As you can see, Smart KingMi Power Strip is really cool and reliable gadget, which is useful in many life situations.

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