Gather Up All the Coffee Lovers! Xiaomi Is Launching a Coffee Machine

Xiaomi is an all-rounder in the world of tech. But even being a top player one can always learn a thing or two more. Coffee machine industry is a terra incognita now partially explored by the Chinese giant. Though it was not involved in the development of the upcoming Scishare Coffee Machine, it shared its crowdfunding platform to promote the product. The biggest appeal of this coffee machine is that it can make a cup of espresso in just one 1 minute.

It is a capsule coffee machine that requires you to use a capsule with already grounded and pre-measured portion of coffee. The machine would pierce the capsule, run high-pressured water through coffee to extract flavors and in the end throw away the remnants into a separate tank. Most capsule coffee machines are the naughtiest kids as they do not give us much of a choice of coffee brands to use with it. Xiaomi claims that Scishare device will be compatible with various coffee brands including the cream of the capsule making crop.

Scishare Coffee Machine measures 34×10×26 cm. The level of the cup rest allows to fit a variety of cup sizes (from 15 ml to 85 ml). It also comes with 19 bars of pressure that promise a smooth drink, just like the one that teaser demonstrated. On top of that the machine lets you adjust the strength of coffee depending on what you like.

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