Get Your Hands on a New Xiaomi Mi 90 Points Outdoor Leisure Backpack

Did you know that Xiaomi produces not only famed smartphones, tablets, and headphones? It also has its apparel line, including jackets and hoodies and a bunch of traveling accessories, like suitcases and backpacks. Speaking of which, Xiaomi's partner RunMi 90 Points has designed a universal backpack, offering a high level of comfort and quality excitement. It is ideal for business trips, school or college, carrying around city and camping.

Main features:

  • Volume: 18 L
  • Material: 100 % polyester (outside), polyamide yarn (inside)
  • Air mesh padding
  • Size: 395×290×160 mm
  • Color: gray
  • Compatible with all tablets and laptops up to 14 inches

Its internal dimensions are 395×290×160 mm and it weighs 771 gram. Its 18L of the volume is enough to hold lots of things, including Mi Notebook Air with its 13.3 inches.

The rucksack is made out of 100 % polyester on the outside, featuring a polyamide yarn on the inside. Such a finish repels water and protects your belongings from soaking wet. Laptop sleeve has a soft padding that would keep your device intact while transporting.

Xiaomi RunMi 90 Points Backpack makes carrying easy without any signs of tension. It has a breathable padding on the back and on the shoulder straps, providing a sweat-free experience and a comfortable carrying of heavy loads.

The backpack has a two-pocket configuration. The front pocket can be opened with the vertical zipper on a magnetic pull. It has enough space to fit small things like umbrella, wallet, smartphone or keys. The main pocket has a top-access, when two belts are used, as well as back-access on a zipper. It is more spacious and has a galore of other pockets that can store everything you need in a day: books, notebooks, makeup bag, glasses etc.

The backpack has two adjustable shoulder straps and a handy carry handle on top. Use both straps, slung the backpack on one shoulder or take in one hand — choose what is more comfortable for you.

Xiaomi RunMi 90 Points Outdoor Leisure Backpack will stand up against the everyday use and serve well in adventures.

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