GoKart Kit – Something New by Ninebot

The creativity of Ninebot engineers has not any limit. And today we will talk about the new vehicle that will be suitable both for children and adults. Yes, you are not mistaken. It doesn’t matter how old are you, because Ninebot GoKart will be appreciated by everyone who likes speed and activities.

The assembling process is quite simple. All you need are the GoKart Kit and your self-balancing scooter by Ninebot-Segway (compatible with MiniPro model).

The model has an adjustable frame and will be suitable for people with a height between 130-190cm. The weight limit is 100kg.

If you order the Ninebot GoKart Kit it will be supplied in a big cardboard box. The model comes assembled. Additionally, you will get the installation user guide and some accessories.

Ninebot GoKart can be sync with your smartphone via the special app.

You will find some teaching information about the vehicle and will be able to control lighting.

There are three modes of speed available for the user (8/18/24 km/h). You can choose the speed according to your experience.

It is worth noting that you should drive GoKart on the special trail. And please don’t ride on the roadway, it can be dangerous.

The model is quite compact and can be easily put in a trunk of your car.

The steering wheel is coated with a matte finish to avoid the stickiness during the driving. The seat is made in racing style. Covered with EVA layer it provides a strong sense of quality. The outer layer of GoKart is designed to effectively reduce the force impacts.

And please don’t forget about the protective gear. It is very important!

Go-Kart racing is a really cool way to have fun. Thanks to Ninebot company there is no need to look for a go-karting. You can organize it yourself wherever you want.

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