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For many people, who try to stick to a healthy diet, nuts and dried fruits will become the best substitutes for sweets. And for such adherents of “clean eating” one of the partners of Xiaomi — The Shogaya Confectionery — provided its own mix of nuts and dried fruits.

What is this new product exactly? This is a box with 30 packs of super-nutritious mix of nuts and dried fruits.

This mix is perfect as an addition to breakfast. For example, you can simply pour a cup of your favorite yogurt over a portion of the mix or add it to the porridge. In such a way your breakfast will become not only tasty, but also very nutritious. Nuts are famous for their ability to saturate for a long time, and dried berries will add a slightly sour taste.

Moreover, nuts and dried fruits not only can be used as an addition to breakfast but also can become a snack. Convenient and nice packaging will allow you to take a pack of snacks with you, and you will forget what the hunger is. You can also add it to cakes and muffins. If you like to treat your family with homemade cookies, the combination of nuts and dried berries will perfectly complement your traditional recipe.

And now the recipe for those who likes home cozy gatherings with books and conversations. This mix of the nuts and dried fruits is an excellent appetizer for wine. The combination of sweet and sour appetizer with spicy wine makes a really unique taste.

And now let’s look the composition of this mix in details.

  • Almond — one of the best sources of vegetable protein, regulates the content of antioxidants in the blood, improves the body’s resistance to viruses and colds.
  • Cashews — rich in vitamins B, as well as calcium, magnesium, potassium and selenium, and Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids.
  • Hazelnut — “the health of your blood vessels”, has a beneficial effect on the walls of the blood vessels, supports their elasticity, and also perfectly cleans the organism.
  • Walnut — contains the exact form of vitamin E that has particular benefit to the organism, and also makes the heart stronger and improves memory.
  • Dried Blueberry is an expensive treat, is a source of tannins and iron, helps to keep eyes healthy, and is also an excellent body cleanser.
  • Dried Cranberries — positively affect the work of the human nervous system, increase mental and physical activity.

As you can see, such a useful snack will not only help you keep strong physical form, but also keep you immune system healthy in the autumn-winter period.

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