Has a Cube Become the Anniversary Product at Xiaomi's Crowdfunding Platform?

We have already written about how Xiaomi helps dozens of startups. With a help of this company many startups transformed their idea to the production.

Recently well-known Crowdfunding Platform of Xiaomi has celebrated its two-year anniversary. The company released new hundredth product. No, it’s not a robot or one of the modern devices with sophisticated software. This device is just a usual aluminum cube and maybe it sounds strange, doesn’t it?

Talking about shape — it is a cubic box which is made of aluminum. The size of this magic box is 40×40×40cm. One of the edges has a laser engraving. It looks like a letter „Z”.But if you look closely you can see two isosceles triangles in this symbol. A true meaning of it is under a question mark, but we guess that it is a symbol of fast development and opportunities.It’s an interesting fact, that the Cube will feature only 10000 copies. Every copy has own serial number. The product was sold out in 5 hours.

What is inside of this creation? You can find a pleasant bonus inside the box — a brand notebook.

This diary will become an ideal thing where you can write down all your ideas and its design will emphasize your business style. All 160 pages for your creativity.

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