Hello, Hello! I Am Energy Monster — a New Wireless Charging Station

I am excited to be a part of Xiaomi’s make-the-world-a-better-place plan. I am an incredibly simple device to use and can provide wired and wireless power to various smartphones and tablets.

Could I be more powerful and speedier than most wireless chargers? I certainly could. I do not need much time to charge your gadget from dead. The convenience factor that just cannot be omitted is that you do not even need to take off the case, whether it is a silicone or plastic one, from the device when you are using my services.

I was made using reliable components from LG and the famous ZMi was engaged in the manufacturing and assembly process. 

You know how many charging stations require you to fit your device perfectly in the charger so that it began charging you gadget? This is not a problem with me. Your phone lies flat on my plate and you can even stack a few gadgets on one another. 

Unfortunately, I am still not sure if I can be bought and taken home with you. I will probably be placed in public locations, like shopping malls or cafeterias. Xiaomi equipped me with a QR-code. By scanning it you can download a map with all of the near-by Energy Monster meeting-points. But does not it sound cool? You can always rely on me when you were running out of battery and you do not have your powerbank at hand.

For now I am being promoted in China only, but sometime later I will travel abroad too. See you in your country!

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