HelloEar Arc Earphones — the Most Convenient Headphones in the World

Headphones change over the years. First they turned from wired into wireless, then from ordinary into noise-suppressing. What else can surprise a modern customer? The company HelloEar offers an individual approach to the selection of headphones, which will be ideal for you.

HelloEar Arc Headphones are the most comfortable headphones for everyday use. These headphones will not give you any discomfort with prolonged wear or during exercise. The headset is sized and shaped according to the ear form of every user. The manufacturer promises that the user will listen to music for several hours and will not feel any inconvenience.

The headphones stay in their ears and do not fall out thanks to a smartly designed form that is compatible with the S-like shape of the human ear. The comfortable silicone shape perfectly fits the shape of the ear, while allowing them to breathe. The headphones can synch with the smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or simply connect via 3.5-mm jack. In Bluetooth mode, the headset can work autonomously for 8 hours, and the charging time is 2 hours. Excellent Hi-fi sound quality is provided by the Danish company Sonion.

Modular design ensures the interchangeability of components for the modernization or installation of spare parts. Many people know the problem when the earphone stops working. Now you do not need to get rid of the headphones when they are broken. You can buy a replacement earphone and give the headset a new life. The device is also equipped with the MEMS microphone, the average frequency of which is 20Hz — 20kHz, the sensitivity of the speakers is 106.5dB.

Most conventional headphones are only available in one size or are limited to only three variants (small, medium, large), but still they do not correspond to the ear form of 70% of the population. The company HelloEar has created a database of custom sizes of ears and has identified 5 main characteristics that meet the needs of 99% of the population. Based on these characteristics, they can match the shape of the ear to their 36 different forms of headphones. The worked with the University of China and created a special Bank of the forms of human ears. A user who wants to buy HelloEar headphones takes an ear photo with a coin next to it, and then the manufacturer collects the necessary data and sends the headphones to the buyer with the correct size.

These headphones will be ideal for intensive sports. Now jogging or jumping is something they can handle. Make your workout even more successful with HelloEar Arc Earphones.


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