Here's the New Device from the Creators of the MiniJ Washing Machine

Whether you live in a small apartment or a tiny house, have a little office with no decent space for a kitchenette, a Kokichi Mini refrigerator is a smart decision for you.

Kokichi Mini is made of modern environmentally-friendly materials. It is rounded at the edges and has a completely smooth and mirror-like shiny surface. Because the device does not have sharp corners it captures you sight instantly — not every day you get to see such a reminder “of the past” in a contemporary apartment.

The fridge is insanely portable and small to fit in tight places. With a capacity of 121 liters, it is only 97.8 cm tall and weighs 31 kg. It also has four legs to keep it stable on any surface.

The device has four sections: a top freezer, two glass shelves, and a bottom fruit or vegetable storage. On the door, which opens 130 degrees wide, there are additional two racks. The lower holds bottles, while the top one is meant to have smaller foods. There is also a very convenient interior light.

Kokichi Mini refrigerator is especially good at keeping your foods and drinks at 18 degree Celsius lower than the ambient temperature. On top of that, if you need to cool down a pack of ice cream or prepare ice for cocktails the fridge needs only 3 hours to do so!

What is very convenient about it is that it is not very loud, as its compressor produces only 40dB of noise. Therefore, in a room, where this cute little fridge stands, you can chat with friends or brainstorm new creative ideas, not being annoyed by its hum.

Kokichi Mini refrigerator is a great fridge for those who look for a small one, but with lots of space and functionality!

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