Hey + Smart Band Review

Smart fitness bracelets are the devices that combines smart technologies and fitness into a single product. It is a practical way to adopt some healthy habits into your life.

Let’s talk about the protagonist of this article – Hey + Smart Band.

This new device was launched at MIOT crowdfunding platform and some users even told that it can become a good competitor to Mi Band 3. The device comes in a white box, made according to the MIOT Ecosystem traditions.

The model has got an NFC module, which gives you more opportunities, especially if you are living in China.

Hey+ Smart Bracelet uses a colorful AMOLED display for better user experience. The screen material is the same as used for the Apple Watch. The screen can display up to 30 Chinese characters.

In terms of hardware, the bracelet has a heart rate sensor, sleep sensor, calorie counter. Also, it can receive the notification of incoming calls and messages. Another cool feature is sedentary reminder – really cool feature for people who work with PC and spend most of their time sitting. It will send you the notifications to get up and take a little walk. A sedentary lifestyle is harmful, and Hey+ specialists know that.

One of the coolest features is a "buss card" support. It is quite convenient, but unfortunately, this feature is available only in China.

The model comes with a small charging dock. The charge can be provided via the metal contacts.

Hey+ smart bracelet can work with its own official app. Just scan the QR code on the screen of the smart bracelet and you will get the option for App downloading. You can log in using your phone number or the login of your Mi account.

To make the application more useful for you, you should set your personal information like gender, weight and other parameters.

An application shows you more detailed information. For example, the health data can be provided as steps, heart rate, and sleep status.

In terms of design, there are 6 custom dials available to choose. You can choose and set up your favorite using the application. Also, you can set the notification settings.


Hey+ fitness bracelet has a lot of pros. As a fitness tracker, it can provide you with accurate information. It has a colorful display which makes notifications receiving more convenient. The device has its own application, where you can set up different settings and choose one of the available custom deals. The main disadvantage is its language and bus card settings. Unfortunately, the smart bracelet supports only the Chinese language. The same deal is with NFC because the “buss card” feature can be supported only in China.

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