Xiaomi Home Automatization Devices

Having achieved a sufficient success in smartphones production, Xiaomi plans to integrate home electronics with smartphones and tablets.

An ascending smartphones manufacturer – the Chinese company Xiaomi has released a number of interesting gadgets developed in accordance with everyday needs of its customers. Moreover, the company has also represented an original platform on base of which Xiaomi products operate. Up to 200 beta testings are conducted nowadays.

However, there is no further information on basic principles of Xiaomi’s strategy. It is still unknown whether home gadgets will be managed through the specially designed mobile app, or the control panel will be built in updated version of Xiaomi firmware.

One of the official company representatives has recently admitted in «Tech in Asia» that more details on devices operation will be disclosed upon completion of beta-testing.

Thus, today Xiaomi has represented two of four gadgets (shown in the image below). They are:

  • Mi Smart Power Plug
  • Mi Smart Remote Center
  • Ants smart webcam
  • Yeelight smart lights

Yeelight, by the way, is a Chinese startup developed within the project on hardware commands acceleration HAXLR8R in Shenzhen, 2013.

Today the range of Xiaomi products already includes Mi Wi-Fi Router that is likely to play an important role in the "Internet of Things" concept development.

It is interesting that this development of Xiaomi has coincided in time with vigorous activity of eternal rivals Samsung and Apple on developing the ways of integrating home electronics with smartphones or tablets.

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