Home Security with Aqara Smart Camera

It is very important to know that your home is securely protected when you are far away. Of course, you can ask your neighbor to look after your house, but Xiaomi recommends entrusting this to Aqara Smart Camera (Gateway Edition).

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What are the benefits of using the camera with gateway?

gateway connection

The Aqara Smart Camera can synch with different smart home sensors and with Aqara Smart Light Switch using ZigBee protocol.

Anti-thief protection

mobile application

Many modern smart cameras can keep the video, but can’t inform you in case of unauthorized entry into your house. The Aqara Smart Camera will immediately send the notification to your smartphone. This gives you more time to solve the problem and save your property.

For example, when the human body sensors detect the movements in the room they send the signal to the camera. The Aqara Smart Camera makes the 12-second video. This small video will be sent to the cloud storage. You will have an opportunity to see it on your devices.

Do you want to speak with your child who is home alone?

child home alone

Activate the special intercom feature and send the greetings or chat with your child for free.

Use it as the Gateway

Aqara Smart Camera can interact with the Smart Home devices as the gateway. This allows you to create more intelligent scenarios.

scheme of house

The main base of the camera comes with a metal plate. You can place the camera on the table, on the wall, on the ceiling according to your needs.

180 degree wide viewing angle

Do you worry about your pet? No problem. The Aqara Smart Camera can make the 180 degrees panorama and you will easily find your cat or dog.

pet at home

The variety of data storage

All the video recorded with this camera can be saved to the built-in microSD card or to the Xiaomi Cloud Storage.

mobile application

Moreover, if you have forgotten to turn the lights off you can check it using your smartphone. Just open the application and look at the room in the real-time even if you are far away.

Connect your camera to the other Smart Home Gadgets and you will get an opportunity to control your house remotely.

Aqara smart home

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