How Can You Prevent the “Text Neck”?

Smartphones and different digital gadgets became an essential part of our life. How many hours per day do you spend checking your social media profiles?

Yes, digitalization of our life is good, but in some ways, it can have negative consequences. A sedentary lifestyle causes extreme discomfort accompanied by chronic pain and back problems. But there is some way how to minimize or reduce this risk.

We think that these five tips will be useful to you.

1. Hold your telephone higher

It can look strange, but you should try to hold your phone at eyes level when you typing or scroll the news feed on Instagram or a Facebook. It will force you not only to decrease the time of using the gadget but also to keep a comfortable position.

2. Lie down and relax

If you want to surf the Internet — the best position for it is to lie down on the floor. Please, hold the device in front of your face — your head will keep the same line with your shoulders and make them relax. Also it can be useful to learn some exercises for neck.

3. Use voice dialing

Use your voice for taping the text messages and surfing the Internet. It can take some time to get accustomed to it, but your muscles will definitely be happy.

4. Use headphones

Some experts recommend using the headphones in the telephone conversation. It helps to keep the right posture more effective than holding it near the ear.

5. Limit the time of surfing the Internet

This tip is quite simple and complicated at the same time. What about walking for one hour in the evening instead of spending time with your smartphone? But if you can’t imagine your life without a smartphone, just try to remove games from your device, and set up a certain time when you will check your e-mail.

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