How to Create Hidden Folders with MIUI 7.1

Hidden folders for Mi devices

It’s really useful option. Secure your important and secret information or files with MIUI version to keep safe your secret documents and files without any third-party application. The process is very simple, using your device only. If you still haven’t got the new update, you can easily download it on this page.

So, if you need to create a hidden folder, tap the “File Explorer”

When it is opened, hold your finger for a while on the launched app and drug it down to the screen bottom.

If you already have your secret code or Pattern Lock, use it to make your files safe or confirm the unique password or countersign.

After you enter the folder you can safely add your files and select the location of your files. It can be Internal storage, SD card etc.

Now you can choose every unit you need to hide.

If you have chosen a wrong file or this information isn’t secret anymore, tap for a while on it and select “Remove” and choose the storage to save it.

Also, you can manage the hidden folders easily using options sorting and refreshing without any worries of safety. Create a new folder to keep your files in order. Take safe of your materials on your smartphone or tablet with MIUI.

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