How to Quit Smoking with 4 Healthy Cigarette Alternatives!

In the modern world, full of stress, everyone struggles with all they have. Often, as a result of the search for stability, we acquire small addictions, for example from sweet, or from cigarettes. Each addiction has its consequences.

Prolonged smoking causes hoarseness, asthma, cough and even leads to cancer, and all this leads to the fact that countless adherents of smoking have raised the question of “quitting smoking” on the agenda.

But no one says that smoking is easy to quit. During the smoking cessation period, the body that developed nicotine addiction often experiences anxiety, exhaustion, and always feels unoccupied. As a result, attempts to quit are left halfway and returned to smoking.

How to smooth out the period of withdrawal from anxiety? You have to switch to healthy and tasty cigarette substitutes!

Chewing gum

Chewing gum is probably the most common method to distract from smoking. Chewing helps to relieve tension and stress, increase concentration and allow smokers to escape from anxiety about quitting smoking, gradually getting used to the alternative.

Chewing gums come with different taste and smell, sweet and sour, with sugar and without, and besides the alternative to smoking it also helps to overcome some consequences of smoking, for example, to fresh your breath and removes the yellowness of your teeth.

Drinking tea

Smokers may experience anxiety and emotional instability during the period of quitting tobacco. At this time, if there is a cup of hot tea around, it would be great. The use of tea helps in the removal of stress and irritability, and thus helps a person who quits smoking to stick to their decision.

Tea is rich in polyphenols and caffeine, which, due to its powerful antioxidant properties, protects the body cells from premature aging caused by damaging effects of free radicals, and also helps to effectively transfer the anxiety about the dangers of smoking.

In addition, drinking tea can also reduce the possibility of developing cancer caused by smoking. Experiments have shown that tea polyphenols can bind to carcinogens, causing their decomposition and a decrease in carcinogenic activity, thereby reducing the risk of developing cancer.


The main thing that will help to overcome the psychological dependence on smoking is the pleasure and positive emotions that arise from communicating with loved ones, and also with sweets and desserts.

Why pear? Because pears have a positive effect on lung cleansing, they can be used to moisturize the lungs and struggle with coughing, dry mouth, for old smokers suffering from asthma, this is a very good choice.

Pears are used in many medicines and drinks. Adding ginger and honey to the pear, and drink to fight a cough, as an expectorant.

It is convenient for drinking, has a good therapeutic effect. Symptoms such as dryness, anger, and coughing go away.

A & D E-Cigarette vaporizer

Best healthy alternative!

If you think the listed cigarette substitutes are too old-fashioned, inconvenient to carry, in general — not cool enough, then you should try the most popular and healthy cigarette substitute to date — the A & D E-Cigarette vaporizer.

Vaporizer A & D Health does not contain nicotine, tar and other harmful substances, only natural fruit and vegetable extracts.

It is easier and more pleasant than smoking and does not harm your health due to useful additives, such as collagen, coenzyme Q10, vitamins, ABCE.

Thanks to a pair that looks like smoke, you can have the same experience as smoking.

  • Collagen;
  • Vitamin A;
  • Vitamin B6;
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C;
  • Vitamin E;
  • Coenzyme Q10

The whole experience is just like smoking. The LED lights will flash when you smoke as if the cigarette tip lighted up with the breath, it is very cool

In terms of appearance, smoking is the same as traditional cigarettes. The shape of the cigarettes is slightly longer than a pen. They are convenient for the old smokers to carry around. One Vaporizer A & D E-Cigarette is designed for about 500 puffs, which is quite good.

The diameter of the vaporizer is 10 mm, length 120 mm. As you can see, they will be extremely comfortable to use.

And to satisfy different taste preferences, A & D E-Cigarette has four different flavors: green apple, vanilla, mint, and grapefruit.

During the party, at meetings, during overtime, and during the day and night... A&D E-Cigarette is suitable for every occasion.

Use A&D Health daily to replace cigarettes, and use a fresh and healthy mist to ease the discomfort caused by smoking. Forget about chewing gum, pay attention to A & D E-Cigarette — a fragrant vapor filled with various vitamins.

Anytime, anywhere, use this healthy alternative, and this time, let’s stop smoking!

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