How to Schedule Messages in Your Mi-Smartphone

Do you know that MIUI 9 has an interesting feature like the schedule for SMS messages? Very useful, because you will never forget about your friend’s Birthday or an important anniversary.

You can easily set it up in your smartphone in a few steps:

1. Please open the messaging App and tap on the “New Message” icon.

2.  Write the message and choose the recipient.

3. Tap on “+” icon near the text writing form and you will find the Timed Option. You will see the schedule above the message box.

4. Choose the proper date and time and click Send

Congratulations! The message will be sent on the scheduled day and time.

When your message is sent you will get a notification.

Did you know about this feature?

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But icant find timed option when press+

is this a feature on the mi A2 lite?

Kindly make a option of mi kassage timed For daily So we used it fodaily gm , gn Attendence Or etc.