How to Take Pictures of Yourself Alone? Imi Camera Knows How!

Many people who like traveling always have some questions about taking photos alone.

Or let’s look the other way. Many boys have problems when they have to take pictures of their girlfriends. Girls can spend an hour to pose, and then spend hours to select the perfect photo and other post-editing actions. After all, not everyone is a professional photographer.

To avoid arguing, the ultimate solution is naturally — let her shoot, using the phone’s self-timer.

However, many times the front camera of the mobile phone is not a panacea. But it can be inconvenient. Moreover, the selfie camera doesn’t always catch the background elements.

But we have found the solution for this entire problem at Xiaomi Crowdfunding Platform. The name of this device is iMi AI camera.

This is a smart camera that can use gesture control to take pictures, and achieve remote control shooting within few meters, completely liberating the hands. Great weapon for taking photos!

The device can be attached to any iron object through the high-strength magnets or can be placed on the smooth surface by the PU adhesive tape. You can place the camera on glass, walls or even on the tree. The camera’s base can achieve 360° rotation, and the angle of view is 76 degree, so you can basically achieve any desired shooting angle.

In addition to this, iMi AI camera also has built-in Smart Beauty features, which can automatically complete the series of beauty effects such as whitening, microdermabrasion, freckle, and fully retain the user’s facial details to prevent excessive editing. In addition to taking photos, the iMi AI camera also supports the shooting of small videos.

This new device can be called a new generation of self-timer photo cameras.

It is worth to mention that the small-powered AI camera with such a powerful function in a size like a Zippo lighter, weighs only 65 grams. It can easily be put in a pocket or a bag and is very portable. In this way, whether you are at home or out, you can use it to take any desired photo of yourself, which is equivalent to carrying a "boyfriend who will take pictures":)

On the hardware side, the small Murray AI camera is equipped with a quad-core 1.35GHz Cortex A53 processor, a 13MP Samsung sensor, and supports the PDAF phase focus technology with a focusing speed of up to 0.3 seconds.

You can connect the camera to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. Special App will allow you to switch between shooting modes, set shooting parameters, and preview the screen in real time or download photos and short videos. You can also quickly share the content to social networks.

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