How to Take Transparent Photos with Mi MIX

Social media is a kick-starter for so many photography fads. They are coming and going all the time so you better do not focus on that much. Most of them are alarmingly weird and only a few are creating a positive image of the time it was made in. For example, a recent photography illusion created by Xiaomi fans with a help of Mi MIX. Looks as if you were actually holding a transparent phone. If you already have seen those stunning photos, but were wondering how to do it, we are adding meat to the bones to guide you through the whole process.

Note: original guide suggests that you have two Mi MIX smartphones for the perfect “transparency” effect. But you may own a pair of other Xiaomi devices to implement the idea.

Step 1. Position your hand in front of a nice background and take a picture of it. Check if the proportions of the photograph are correct.

Step 2. Zoom in the photo until your photo-trapped hand shows the same as its actual size.

Step 3. Drag its position as you like and take a screenshot. Set it as a wallpaper on your phone.

Step 4. With Mi MIX in your hand, position it at the same angle and in front of the same background as in Step 1. Now take a photo with another device.

There you have it! Such a unique and futuristic photograph. Who would have thought that it could be so easy?

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