Huami Has Bought Zepp Company and Mioslice Startup. Should We Wait for Some Radical Changes?

Huami is the company that manufacturers smart bracelets for Xiaomi. Specifically, the HUAMI company specialists produced the legendary Mi Band 2 and the ambitious one Mi Band 3.

In addition, the company produces its own line of smart fitness bracelets and smart watches well-known as Amazfit.

The company’s plans are the global expansion to the world markets and it confidently moves towards the successful implementation of this strategy.

The next country that Huami is likely to “conquer” is the USA.

And the last successful deals of the company are the great proof of it.

So, Huami has bought the American company Zepp and the startup MioSlice.

The first company is known for its developments in the sport world. They create special sensors for sports equipment like baseball bats, golf clubs, tennis rackets, etc.

These sensors can be attached to these sports items and measure various parameters while using them.


This is an extremely interesting direction because a lot of people, who like sport and activities, will definitely appreciate these devices.

Another plus of acquiring Zepp are its patents, which will allow Huami (Amazfit) to enter the US market without problems.

Talking about MioSlice, it will be useful to share the experience and technology with Chinese Brand.

After all, specialists MioSlice, created an interesting smart fitness bracelet. It counts and monitors your heart rate accurately, like the medical devices. And he does it constantly, while you are wearing it.

In addition, the gadget works using the special algorithm PAI, which allows you more accurately determine your current physical state, help you to distribute loads correctly, tell you how to alternate a sedentary lifestyle with an active.

So don’t be surprised if the new product, Huami (Amazfit), will be distinguished by truly measurement accuracy and new smart capabilities.

Good luck to you, Huami engineers!

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