Mi Company took care of humanity health

Mi Company took care of humanity health and released the mobile tonometer

The fast growing company from China has become one-step closer to the leadership on a market. Having produced high-end smartphones and tablet PCs Mi plans to enter the commodity niche of medical equipment.

It was not a joke when the founder of Mi Company Lei Jun told that Mi would become the “China Apple” soon. In just four years Xiaomi has rapidly grown and became the one of leading companies in the high tech industry. The company not only produces high-quality products, but also encroaches the Apple territory.

The company entered the board of directors of the American iHealth Labs from Silicon Valley researching cluster by investing  25 million dollars in the development of research. iHealth Labs always focused on collaboration with Apple products, including iOS. However, the situation has changed.

Now iHealth in a cooperation with Xiaomi released the unique device – tonometer which not only works with iOS, but with Android, too. Thus, the new device can be managed by Mi smartphones.

The tonometer looks at the same time as a usual cuff for blood pressure measuring and smartphone dock. To measure a blood pressure a person only needs to press the button on the smartphone screen. A smartphone will perform the necessary calculations itself. The device can be accommodated in a pocket, so it may be very useful for the elderly.

Prior to that, Mi Company has released the fitness bracelet Mi Band measuring the heart rate and distance, but it cannot be considered as a full medical device.

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