IHealth Thermometer – Real Treasure for a Modern Parents

The Smart Home Ecosystem has launched a quite useful product — iHealth Thermometer.

One of the developers of this device — Zhao Yipin like no one understands the importance of iHealth Thermometer because she is the mother of a 2-year-old boy who as every child sometimes catches a cold. Like many modern parents, she understands all the difficulties of using standard thermometers.

Zhao says that in the last 20 years, children have become the drivers of innovation and she is really pleased with the new product developed for children.

"The world already has advanced devices for measuring the temperature in infants. For example, in USA  there is an ear thermometer that defines contactless temperature.

 iHealth Thermometer

Traditionally we use outdated mercury thermometers so using this innovative device will be quite interesting and more practical. So why should our children measure the temperature in a long and painful way?

That’s why I suggested a new vision of this process and got an endorsement of the leadership.

And on 17 of August in 2016, we began the work on the first iHealth thermometer.

In a traditional Chinese family, the temperature measurement takes place according to the old five-minute waiting scheme. The Electronic or Mercury Thermometer is placed under the armpit and it is necessary to wait for five minutes. For an adult person, it is not a problem, but if we a talking about children this process can cause some troubles with this.

 iHealth Thermometer

Specialists of the company made some researches and made the list of points that should have the modern thermometer:

First, it should be non-invasive, measure the body temperature and the value of infrared radiation, ideally even at a distance.

Secondly, it should be easy to use for all family members and get the right result.

Thirdly, it should be accessible to families with middle and low income level.

Only by following these three points we got a revolutionary tool that could change the old method of family treatment.

We observed about 18 families with children who caught a cold.

 iHealth Thermometer

Parents in these families measured the temperature in the five-minute method. Often the measurements were inaccurate due to the fact that the children cried and could not keep the thermometer during for a proper time.

To realize the full scope of work, just imagine — we had 231 shapes of industrial design. And among this huge amount, the ideal option was chosen.

 iHealth Thermometer

We took the best German sensor, and realized that it is difficult to accurately measure the temperature in the laboratory, for this we need the conditions that could be in a real family because only the results of many measurements can give us the correct iteration.

Then came the idea of continuous measurement of temperature and observation of it in dynamics.

As a result, we obtained a sample of the iHealth thermometer, which later won the IF Design 2017 Award.

 iHealth Thermometer

Yes, it does not look like a usual thermometer. There is no any feeling of a cold medical device. Our thermometer can be a toy, it can be kept in your hands, bite, thrown on the floor without fear of breakage. It looks like a friend for small patients.

And for parents, it is a beautiful accessory that they certainly will want to use once again.

We thank our testers with age from 1 month to 5 years old who gave us a lot of data to improve and develop the device.

We hope that our iHealth thermometer will also appear in your home and the baby’s temperature measurement will be a pleasure for everyone.

 iHealth Thermometer

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