In the Footsteps of Xiaomi: ZMI Comes out with a Heavyweight Champ

For the last couple of years, Xiaomi has widened its circle of subsidiary companies. Some even started to produce their own products, like Xiaomi battery supplier — ZMI. Among its latest independent inventions, we thought, one is worth your attention — ZMI 10 (QB820). It boasts modern USB Type-C interface, bidirectional power delivery and a possibility to charge several devices at once. To that ZMI 10 can also function as USB Hub for laptops, keyboards, speakers etc.

Main characteristics:

  • Battery capacity: 20 000 mAh
  • 1 х USB Type-C with Power Delivery 2.0
  • 2 x USB Type-A (5 W / 2.4 А, 9 W / 2 А, 12 W / 1.5 А)
  • Battery status LED-indicator
  • Multi-device charging
  • Size: 160.4×81.4×21 mm
  • Weight: 405 g

ZMI 10 employs Texas Instruments’ and Intersil’s power delivery technologies. Having combined their latest chips under one hood, Xiaomi enhanced charger performance and improved its compatibility with other brands.

ZMI 10 is fitted with 3 pairs of LG lithium batteries. Such architecture helps to reduce current load, providing overheating protection. Each battery is rated at 3350 mAh, making it a 20 000 mAh power rock, which surely will not leave you hanging out dry. ZMI’s interest in LG batteries is a reasonable expectation: owing to a low-discharge they will keep their original capacity for much longer.

ZMI 10 can be connected to a wide range of gadgets. Modern laptops perfectly demonstrate ZMI 10 charging speed, the one you had before while using a power unit. The charger can hold up to 3 devices at the same time: one with USB Type-C (supporting two-way power delivery) and two with standard USB Type-А.

Owing to Intersil buck-boost technology it takes less than 4 hours to fill ZMI 10 up. To charge other devices ZMI 10 sports Quick Charge 3.0/2.0 and BC1.2 protocols.

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