Inovel Yi Luowei ME2 — a New Word of Audio and Video Technology

If you want to watch HD quality movies across a wall in your living room, take your gaming experience to a higher level, or upload photographs from a smartphone and see them on big screen, Inovel Yi Luowei ME2 home cinema projector is your first choice of display.

Inovel Yi Luowei ME2 Design

Inovel Yi Luowei ME2 has the ability to cast image up to 300 inches diagonally and supports sources with 1080P resolution or HDR10 high dynamic range. It also sports autofocus to provide distortion-free image and a keystone correction to adjusts the projected image vertically or horizontally to make it as an even rectangle as possible.

Inovel Yi Luowei ME2 300-inch image

One of its standout features is a modular design: the speakers can be removed and placed anywhere in the room to get the best sound performance. All this certainly affected the portability of Inovel Yi Luowei ME2. The device is really compact and it can be easily transported between your home and office.

Inovel Yi Luowei ME2 Modular design

Xiaomi equipped the projector with MIUI OS and PatchWall, a technology that allows to suggest content based on your viewing history, and packed in 2GB of RAM, as well as 16GB of built-in storage to provide smooth navigation and operation.

Inovel Yi Luowei ME2 Patchwall

The company says that the life for Inovel Yi Luowei ME2 is around 30 000 hours, which means that it would last around 20 years if you watched a four-hour movie every single day. Pretty impressive!

Inovel Yi Luowei ME2 Fun

Outside of that, Inovel Yi Luowei ME2’s battery can handle 6 hours of continuous usage before it needs a recharge and it can also serve charge to external devices through a variety of inputs: AUX, HDMI, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and DC IN.

To reduce the noise of the projector’s fan and efficiently radiate the heat the inner shell of its body was coated with graphene. This material was chosen because it has 10-20 times better thermal conductivity than other materials, thus it helps to radiate the heat quickly and efficiently.

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Does anyone know when it goes on sale, and how much would its price? is it true that it plays 4k? Thank you.