Intelligent Set-Top Boxes Xiaomi Mi Box 3C and Mi Box 3S

Xiaomi has become a gateway to all sorts of useful technologies. Want to pick a single smartphone — expect to leave its store with a full basket of goodies that complement each other not only in style. Xiaomi ecosystem supports interaction between most of its products, and you will easily sync, say, your smartphone with your TV, turning it into a smart and learning (!) companion. Want to know how? Chinese giant launched a pair of new receivers — Mi TV Box 3C and Mi TV Box 3S.

As far as the exterior is concerned, both are identical in size and weight, sporting a black rounded body with a matte texture and engraved company logo. There is a difference in features with Mi Box 3S having a slender lead.

Mi Box 3S sports big changes, comparing to its predecessor. It is equipped with quad-core 64-bit Amlogic S905X chipset clocked at 2.0 GHz. Regarding memory, it has 2 GB RAM paired with 8 GB ROM. The module streams 4K HDR video with 60 fps and has Dolby DTS audio, providing a more realistic sound.

Mi Box 3S also got a new MiTouch Remote Control with a sensor ring and makes use of an upgraded HDMI 2.0ax port.

Mi Box 3C introduces more simplified features. Though it was slightly trimmed down, the set-box is going to have a good run with processor- and graphics-intensive tasks. It runs on 64-bit Amlogic S905 quad-core with 2.0 GHz frequency and houses 1 GB DDR3 RAM, combined with 4 GB ROM. The module also boasts 4K video playback with 60 fps, delivering the smooth and detailed picture. It does not support HDR technology as its higher-end sibling and the MiTouch remote is missing.

Finally, we got to the heart of the matter — an Artificial Intelligence system called PatchWall. This technology analyzes your search and viewing history and gives advice on the content in line with your preferences. In some way, it reminds of YouTube, but more advanced.

In terms of connectivity, both consoles got AV and HDMI ports, USB 2.0 and support dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac along with Bluetooth 4.1.

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