It Finally Happened: Xiaomi Signed Business Collaboration with Nokia

This is a patent partnership or, in other words, a multi-year patent licensing deal. According to this agreement, Xiaomi acquired a part of Nokia’s patents.

The association of Finnish mobile major in the field of mobile communications and one of the most ambitious Chinese companies is truly a landmark event. Who would have thought that the desire of Xiaomi to enter the European and American markets would be as strong as Nokia’s longing to return to the global phone race, which she dropped out of having sold its handset division to Microsoft.

This is a historical moment for Xiaomi, because in such a way Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun pointed out that his company would enter the international markets, despite all the negative predictions. 

After all, as is known, it is the lack of a full package of international patents that anchors the global expansion of Xiaomi. Now that the patent partnership with Nokia, a brand that has the highest top of the mind recall still, is inked, Xiaomi is expected to get rid of the bad anchor soon. Now wonder there have been talks about the Chinese company’s possible product sales records in 2018.

The main focus of the new collaboration is the cooperation in the field of telecommunications and networking technologies. The first serious shared project of the two companies is going to be the Nokia FP4 processor, created specifically for routers. The Internet of Things, which is a topic of interest for Xiaomi, is an idea Nokia is also willing to take on board. Virtual reality developments and artificial intelligence improvements are not to be forgotten as well.

And most importantly, Nokia, which is present in the markets of about 30 countries, will help Xiaomi to move around the world.

Xiaomi’s leader Lei Jun described the collaboration in such a way: “Together with Nokia, we can help people around the world fully enjoy scientific and technological innovation.”

Nokia’s CEO Rajeev Suri was even more optimistic in his predictions: “Xiaomi is one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers, and we are pleased that Nokia and Xiaomi became one family. We are looking forward to working on various projects!”

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