Jinshan Cloud and Xiaomi Are Going to Launch New Router

The AI era devices are designed to solve a lot of our problems. And Xiaomi and Jinshan Cloud know it! That’s why these two powerful companies decided to collaborate in order to create a speed router that will solve all the “pains” of users. The company’s representatives shared the results at the Intelligent Acceleration Network Conference.

However, in addition to the connection speed, the specialists of the two companies also discussed issues of Internet security, the nuances of connecting devices to the router, managing the gadgets of Smart Home and much more.

Therefore, this cooperation with the MIOT Ecological Chain will be extremely positive for all the users.

The importance of the conference was underscored by the fact that it was personally attended by Jinshan Cloud CEO Wang Shanlin, Vice President Xiaomi Tang Mu, and Xiaomi Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Technologies, Gu Dawei.

The Internet networks develop every month, and the load on the routers is constantly increasing.

This fact leads to the rapid development of router technologies and there are routers that are 100% able to meet the high requirements of the modern user.

Now, thanks to the cooperation with Jinshan Cloud, we can better solve two extremely important issues: better data protection and optimal work with the increased load on the router.

The first confirmation of these words was the presentation during the conference about DNS-protection for MIOT routers.

In addition, it was stated that the JINSHAN Cloud QUIC protocol technology will be applied to Xiaomi devices for faster connection and increased efficiency and data transfer speed. This connection protocol has a higher data transfer speed than the TCP protocol.

Thus, soon we should expect the appearance of a new router, whose work will be based on this updated software.

That’s why we should wait for the releasing of new router based on new software. And we know that this product definitely will be cool.

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