Keeping Up with the Xiaomi #1

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Keeping Up with the Xiaomi - is the latest news about new devices from Mi ecosystem.
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90FUN Puppy1

90FUN Puppy1, the Auto-follow Suitcase, is embedded with the custom auto-follow chip specially developed by Segway and the ultra-wideband (UWB) radio precise positioning system. With the multi-functional remote control, you can either command the movement of the suitcase by the joystick or summon the suitcase within the 20m range by pressing the button to set up the auto-following mode.

90FUN Puppy1 is equipped with gravity adaptive system, which means, it can automatically maintain a balanced progress even if it suddenly receives a certain external force. To meet various travel needs, 90FUN Puppy1 offers multiple assistant modes: electric power assistant, power ramp, deceleration, parking brake and other modes. It can perfectly handle the slope with the maximum climbing angle up to 30 °. It can easily move through the bumpy road, airport terminals, and other complex road conditions. Enjoy the smooth trip promised by the two 6-inch wheels with all-weather tires, promises a smoother trip.

The cabinet is 20-inch, and the volume is about 30 liters. It can ride up to 18km / h, but the recommended speed is 5km / h.

Mi Notebook Air 13.3″

Xiaomi took up the upgrade of the 13.3-inch model of Mi Air notebooks to the eighth-generation processors Intel Core i7 and Intel Core i5. The processor has received 8 GB of DDR4 memory. Also, notebooks have a 256-gigabyte PCIe SSD, which can be expanded if desired. New products will also receive custom AKG speakers, as in the previous versions of Mi Air.

The novelty comes with built-in NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card with 2 GB GDDR5.

The fingerprint recognition sensor is also added to the upper right corner of the touchpad. The screen has a 1080p resolution and is equipped with an ultra-narrow frame with a width of 5.59 mm. Models are also equipped with an advanced cooling system using ultrathin metal blades that effectively control temperature and increase notebook performance. In addition, the new versions of the Mi Notebook 13 have a thin metal body with a 14.8 mm thickness and a weights only 1.3 kg. The battery is capable of providing a computer up to 9.5 hours. Notebooks work on the latest Microsoft Windows 10 and support Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016.

It is also known that the laptop will be available in a dark gray color.

Xiaomi Mi Car Inverter

Xiaomi company announced the release of a new car current converter Xiaomi Mi Car Inverter, capable of charging a cell phone, laptop, camera and even quadrocopter, self-balancing scooter and much more.

Xiaomi Mi Car Inverter appearance is quite laconic. He received a magnetic anti-dust cover and an aluminum shell. The converter output power is 100 W, two USB-connectors is 5V / 2.1A and a Chinese electro-plug.

What about the security? The Xiaomi Mi Car Inverter has received overload protection, maximum current protection, temperature, high voltage, low voltage and short circuit protection.

SMATE Hair Dryer

It seems that Xiaomi has provided us with all devices that we need in our everyday life, like massage belt, electric foot files, portable hair massage combs and so on. But now the truly Mi-fans have a reason to exult because Xiaomi has launched the SMATE Hair Dryer at the crowdfunding platform.

The device that takes care of your hair at the affordable price. Minimalistic design is made by Japanese designers team. The folding construction of SMATE Hair Dryer makes it easy to transport.

In terms of performance, the power of hair dryer can reach 1600W, the speed of air flow is 15 m/s and it provides the rapid hair drying. According to the manufacturer the short hair takes about 1-2 minutes to dry, medium-length hair about 3 minutes and 5 minutes for long hair.

A patented DC motor is situated inside the device. The Hair Dryer supports two winds modes, so you can adjust hot or cold wind in a key switch. In addition, the hairdryer can output the soft anion with the concentration of 16million/cm3. The anions can protect the hair from damage and reduce the static electricity.

Koala Mama Disinfection Dryer

For modern moms, Xiaomi has launched a device for the baby’s bottle and pacifiers sterilization — the Koala Mama Disinfection Dryer. The device consists of two parts — the main lower part and the upper part where exactly will be the process of sterilization. The main principle of sterilization is the processing of devices by the vapor (provides the sterilization at 99,9%). To activate the work of device you should put in a special reservoir about 120ml of water and close it with a lid.

On the main panel is situated the touchscreen and four sensor buttons. You can adjust the proper temperature according to your needs.The weight of the device is only 1,35kg.

This easy to use device is not only helps you to save your time but will do this task better than the traditional methods.

Moitai produced by YANGHE

If you are looking for a treasure — this is what you need. The bottle of exclusive Moitai produced by YANGHE — the well-known Chinese manufacturer of luxury alcoholic drinks. The MOITAI is a traditional Chinese alcoholic drink that is made from fermented sorghum and wheat. The specialists have found about 155 different tasting notes in it.

The bottle of Moitai can become a perfect gift for a special occasion. This beverage is very expensive because of labor-intensive manufacturing. The beverage has a strength 42 degrees. The taste is soft and does not need an appetizer.

But the most attractive thing is the design of the bottle. Gold packaging and gold bottle with a big gem that looks like sapphire.

Just confess, do you wanna have it in your collection?

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