Keeping Up with the Xiaomi #3

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Keeping Up with the Xiaomi — is the latest news about new devices from Mi ecosystem.
Don’t miss if want to be aware of modern technology for convenient life.

Great triple of SmartMi devices was launched recently.

Smartmi Chi Meters Heater

Creating the synthetic air circulation the heater provides the warmth in your room. The warm airflows will equably allocate. The body of the device is made of iron-carbon, chrome, and aluminum alloy. The heating up to 120℃ is available in 72 seconds. Moreover, there is an interesting feature like high and low power consumption.

The device has got the RoHS certification and the construction doesn’t have any dangerous substances.

Smartmi Chi Meters Car Inverter

Very useful devices for drivers. Car inverter with 12V power can be transferred to 220V, to output a stable 100W safe power. It will be enough to provide the charging of some devices like laptops, game equipment etc. The USB interface supports QC3.0, QC2.0 quick charge and 5V ordinary charge, can automatically identify the device and adapt it to the appropriate charging mode.

Chi meters car inverter has an overvoltage, short circuit, overload and over-temperature protection.

In order to guarantee a stable and efficient output, the inverter has an intelligent internal temperature detection function and automatically adjusts the built-in fan speed when it is necessary to activate the rapid cooling.

Zhimi Air Humidifier

This model is quite different to compare with the previous generation of humidifiers. The Air Humidifier uses the evaporation principle with 240ml/h humidification efficiency. Zhimi air humidifier has a built-in 36 evaporation vane array.

The Air humidifier support Mi-APP smart operation, with its own temperature and humidity sensors and capacitive water level sensor. The users can easily see the indoor temperature and humidity and humidifier residual water level anytime and everywhere.

Ocooker Circle Kitchen Grinder

Great collaboration of Xiaomi and Ocooker — portable Kitchen Grinder. This is very useful gadget — it can cut into small slices different products like meat, cheese, and potato. Wanna make an omelet? Let the portable blender help you!

The blender has two nozzles with double razors and the plastic nozzle for whipping.

There is a button with two modes of work on the lid. It is wide and very convenient. The capacity of the container is 1,2L.

MADV Mini Panoramic Camera

On the Xiaomi crowdfunding platform appeared new fantastic device MADV Mini — a panoramic camera for smartphones that connects to the type-c.

The camera is equipped with two 13MP modules, which are opposite to each other. Each of the modules is equipped with a wide-angle 210 degrees lens with a fisheye effect and F1.8 aperture.

The camera can shoot panoramas with a 5K resolution (5276×2688p / JPEG) and video in 360 ° with a 1920×960p resolution (MP4) with a 30fps frame rate.

In addition, the camera is equipped with electronic image stabilization, and thanks to the MADV Mini application, you can manage and quickly share the captured content. In the application, there are different shooting modes: fisheye, asteroid, crystal ball and others.

The camera dimensions are 42.5×35.5×25.2 mm and weight is 22 grams.

U’Revo You Kai Leisure Plush Boots

The shoes are made of natural suede, with warm sheep’s wool inside, known for its thermoregulation. It is very warm and cozy in such boots in winter, and the feet do not sweat. The sole made of synthetic material will not slide. In addition, the shoes are wide enough, so you will always feel comfortable.

Decorative seams firmly hold the top and sole. There is a special loop behind the back so that you can put on the boots comfortably (if you do not have shoehorn near you).

There are two color options: brown and gray. The size range is 35-40 sizes. The height of the shoes is 13.5 cm.

Yue Meters Self-fill Light

A practical gadget for selfie lovers was presented — a new LED flash for smartphones Yue Meters Self-fill Light.

Universal flash, which is suitable for any smartphone, is especially helpful for the supporters of the daily numerous selfies and all the Instagram bloggers.

On the back of the device there is an on / off button, and on the rare panel along its perimeter, there are numerous LEDs. It should be noted that the degree of brightness can be adjusted. And Yue Meters Self-fill Light does not overheat thanks to LEDs. The color temperature is 5000K.

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