Keeping Up with the Xiaomi #4

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Keeping Up with the Xiaomi — is the latest news about new devices from Mi ecosystem.
Don’t miss if want to be aware of modern technology for convenient life.

Of course, we could not help mentioning the loudest novelty of this year — the long-awaited Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro. But you can read more about smartphones in our another article.

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch

Xiaomi Company has presented an interesting lifestyle accessory, which will soon be on every magazine cover. It is an unusual mechanical wristwatch, which has a back wall made of glass, due to which the mechanism is completely visible. This model even managed to get the award for the best design 2017 — truly the design masterpiece.

An important aspect is a protection from dust and water. This model is unisex and will suit both men and women.

The watch case is made of metal and has two color solutions: black and silver, as well as a metal and leather strap in the same color.

LuckyME Gold Dog Pendant

The company also presented many accessories and gift sets dedicated to the new year. One of them is a gold pendant dog LuckyME, a symbol of the New ready for the Chinese lunar calendar.

It is indicated that the pendant made of pure gold weighs 1.9 g. The symbol of the dog should bring the owner good luck. The pendant will be a wonderful gift for any occasion.

Mi LED TV 4 55″

At the same time with the launching of smartphones, Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro, the Mi LED TV 4 was launched.

The first Mi TV 4 was presented about a year ago and now is available in three variations: 49″, 55″ и 65″. But the new version has the 55 inches.

Mi LED TV 4 has some interesting features. The immersive viewing experience is provided by the frameless display with the thickness only 4,9mm. The quality of the image will definitely impress you because in this Mi TV was used the latest technology of combination 4K and HDR.

Do you want to create the qualitative sound like in the cinema? In Mi LED TV 4 are used the Dolby audio and DTS sound.

This is the representative of the Smart TV that can recommend you an interesting content according to your interests. Moreover, you will get about 500 hours of different content like movies, TV Shows, programs for kids.

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