Keeping Up with the Xiaomi #6

Keeping Up with the Xiaomi — is the latest news about new devices from Mi ecosystem. Don’t miss if want to be aware of modern technology for convenient life.

Jesis Smart Mouse with Fingerprint Scanner

On the 1 of March, Xiaomi launched a new unexpected product — a computer mouse equipped with a fingerprint scanner Jesis Smart Fingerprint Mouse.

Its most notable feature is a small area with a fingerprints scanner. The user can easily lock and unlock any files on the computer with it.

With the help of a smart mouse, it is also possible to easily log into online banking applications, e-mail, websites, etc. Now you do not have to suffer and try to memorize a lot of passwords — now just one touch of your finger and you have access to your secured data.

Xiaomi Jesis Smart Fingerprint Mouse is equipped with a highly sensitive optical sensor, providing an adaptive system of 1600dpi. That means if you move your mouse one inch (2.54 cm), the mouse cursor will move 1600 pixels.

Do not let time slip away from your fingers!

LF Leravan Magical Temperature Massager

The Xiaomi partner brand Leravan is back today with a new product for the well being. This brand has become known with the release of very gentle massage devices. Let’s see what the Leravan Temperature Intelligent Massager offers today.

This new massage device returns with a size larger than its predecessor. Indeed, the latter gains in volume to cover a larger area of your body and to be more effective. The Magical Temperature Therapy Massage consists of two parts, the adhesive electrode, and the remote control. The electrode has just fixed on your skin and it is reusable and will have to be changed after several uses.

The remote control is in the form of a circle and is fixed on the upper part of the electrode. To do it simply clip it on the two snaps present on the electrode.

Once the connection is made you can start a massage cycle via electrical pulses. The special feature of the Magical Temperature Massage is the new way of making heat to relieve and relax. You will also be able to amplify or reduce pulses or heat via the + and — buttons.

The remote control has a battery of 75 mAh and is charged via a Micro USB port. In addition, you will be able to connect a powerbank to increase the duration of your sessions. Via the Mi Home application, you will have access to the different settings available for massages.

 LF Leravan Eye Thermal Massager

A special eye massage instrument has been launched at the Xiaomi Crowdfunding Platform. The design is simple and available in three color variations. The massage instrument can be operated in one hand and is very easy in use.

The device charges with USB cable and the charging time is 2,5hours and this charge level will be enough for 1-week usage.

Le Fan eye hot and cold massager is divided into 19 ℃ cold and 40 ℃ constant heat two modes. The cold mode can prevent the eye tiredness and edema, and 40 ℃ constant temperatures and the heat mode can relieve eye fatigue. The hot and cold care can improve eye blood circulation, a normalization of eye pressure and can be used to dilute the effect of dark circles.

TS Turok Steinhardt Sunglasses Cat Shaped Frame

Recently the custom-made sunglasses expanded the TS sunglasses line. The interesting design and the popular cat eye shape can become a perfect addition to your look this spring. The form of the glasses is convenient to wear.

The lenses are made of polarized nylon and can effectively block the ultraviolet rays. Stylish sunglasses that can protect your eyes — a traditional approach of Turok Steinhardt brand.

Small Children’s Sneakers

Xiaomi launched the 148th product on market and it became a pair of Children’s Sports Shoes.

When you look at the photos of children’s sports shoes, the seductive quality leaves a clear mark. The products that are manufactured under the Mijia platform are produced with uncompromising quality.

Xiaomi Kids Sports Shoes have a sponge base with shock absorbing feature. This feature helps children to support their knees and takes care of the development of their feet.

The bases, which have honeypot design and anti-slip features, give children a little more stability when walking or running. The upper part of the shoe is shiny and is manufactured using two differently colored fabrics with holes to ensure air circulation is healthy.

In addition, the back of the shoe is covered with a bright reflective material to make it visible from a distance of 50 meters. Thanks to this feature, children walking in the night can be confidently seen in the dark.

The Xiaomi Children’s Sports Shoes are similar in design to the Nike and Adidas models, but they are 3-4 times cheaper than these two brands. 

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