Keeping Up with the Xiaomi #7: Yueli,Viomi,Xiao Wei

Keeping Up with the Xiaomi — is the latest news about new devices from Mi ecosystem. Don’t miss if want to be aware of modern technology for convenient life.

Viomi Smart Dishwasher

With the pursuit of quality of life, dishwashers become more and more popular among consumers. In recent days, the Xiaomi Ecological Chain company Viomi has officially released the first Smart Dishwasher.

At the same time with 70 °C high temperature washing equipped with Japan’s original imported PTC hot air drying system can effectively dissolve the fat, and provide the high-temperature sterilization.

Viomi Smart Dishwasher supports the fast wash mode, which can be used for ultra-fast washing in 30 minutes. In addition, there are available standard, economical, and custom wash modes.

Yueli Hair Straightener

Yueli Hair Straightener has the dimensions only 23×35×193mm, and the weight 164g that make it easy to take with you on a trip. The body is made of durable matte-texture material, non-slip with scratch and high-temperature resistance.

The surface of the heating plate is covered with nano-anion coating. It forms the protective layer on the hair when it is working. By the rapid heating of the MGH heating element, the coating continuously releases negative ions, which helps the damaged hair, reduces the moisture loss, and keeps the hair smooth and shine.

Device is equipped with 2500mAh capacity battery, built-in intelligent power-off system, and supports 30 minutes of battery life. The bi-directional charging interface that can become a temporary charger for mobile phones when it is not working.

In addition, depending on the thickness and softness of the hair,the hair straightener provides two modes, low temperature (160°C) and high temperature (200°C), and can handle straight hair, curls, and other hairstyles.

Xiao Wei Transformation Buggy Bicycle

For babies who are growing up, learning to ride is an integral part of the growth process. It not only enhances your baby’s physique, but also helps your baby to maintain a good balance and enhance physical coordination.

There is a baby bicycle variant, which has won the IF Design Award in Germany. It is equipped with double riding,sliding mode and eight security protections.

The body uses a metal skeleton, strong and durable plastic, odorless and non-toxic, to avoid accidental impact on the baby’s body.

The wheels are equipped with industrial-grade high-speed bearings, which are smooth and silky. The closed wheels avoid the intrusion of curious babies’ hands and feet and prevent accidental fail. The front-wheel wide non-slip double wheel design increases the stability of the body and is suitable for playing in more environments.

Set of holders

Universal set of holders that consists of 5 different holders:

  • Toothbrush holder;
  • Soap box;
  • Toilet paper holder;
  • Additional shelve for small items;
  • Container for smartphone.

Classic white design will perfectly fit into any interior. The set has a double-sided adhesive tape that helps to hold the items on the wall.

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