Keeping Your Feet Well-Groomed with Yueli Electric Foot File

Keeping your feet baby soft is probably the dream of every woman. Even if you regularly make salon treatments, once in a couple of days you still need to arrange the foot spa to keep this healthy and beautiful effect. Unfortunately, as we age, this should take more and more attention, as the skin receives fewer vitamins and requires moisturizing and nutrition.

It is completely unpleasant when the feet resemble a sandpaper. How now can you keep the beauty? By living in the spa?

No, it’s not necessary to spend money for expensive salons, you can arrange relaxation right at home, at a convenient time for you.

This time Xiaomi introduced Yueli Electric Foot File And Callus Remover — an electric pumice roller. It will become the ideal analog of manual pumice. You don’t need to rigorously rub your heels until it hurts.

This electric foot file will do everything at the highest level without much effort. It will effectively and safely remove the old dead dry and cracked skin and can cope with calluses.

In the kit, you will get a device with an ergonomic handle, which is comfortable for holding in a hand. The device works autonomously for up to 15 days thanks to the built-in 1000mAh battery. It takes 3 hours to charge it. The tool can be charged using a docking stacking that also comes in the kit. The light indicator on it will not let you when it is ready.

The main selling point of this device is a 360-degree rotating abrasive roller. The set includes two rollers one with a coarse sputtering and one with fine sputtering. The roller works at two speeds: for deep cleaning and in a gentler mode. A special cap, which is put on the roller, helps to store it safely. The device is equipped with a special degree of protection — IPX7, so it can easily be cleaned with water, and also you can use the brush (is in the kit) for cleaning.

Yueli Electric Foot File And Callus Remover has a convenient and practical design (the size is 173×76×32.5mm), so you can easily take it with you in a travel.

The device will be very especially useful for women, who wear high-heeled shoes. And in the summer time it will become a reliable assistant to keep beautiful and well-groomed legs. The most important rule that you need to remember is that the care of your feet should be regular, and with this device, it will not be very difficult for you.

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