KissKissFish CC Cup Review

Good thermoses can be hard to come by. When we found out that KissKissFish CC Cup was going to become a real thing we started counting the days. Xiaomi promised to launch not just another ordinary flask that you could find at your local supermarket. It was going to be the most elaborate thermos you had ever seen because of a few uncommon features. Ours has finally arrived and this is what we think about it.


The thermos comes with three attachments: one for brewing tea, one for making boiled egg and one for making detox-water. Each attachment is packed separately as the flask itself. Apart from that, you get a thick cloth pouch, a card and a short manual in Chinese.


Stylish and functional, the KissKissFish cup is a true offspring of Xiaomi ecosystem. It is available in four colors, including black, white, pink and green. We got our hands on a white one.

The thermos is designed with a stainless steel interior. The lid is made out of propylene plastic and OLED-display is protected with a polycarbonate cover. Its exterior has a nice finish that makes the thermos easy to hold. The lid and attachments have a screw-on design that allows to secure them well inside the thermos. A rubberized base prevents the flask from slipping off.

Technical characteristics

KissKissFish CC Cup sports an OLED-display and temperature sensor letting you keep track on the temperature of the beverage. According to the manufacturer, the device can retain water at 62°С for around 7 hours and serve as a kind of refrigerator maintaining liquid temperature at 10°С for about 6 hours.

This thermos prides itself on its sphere-shaped lid, which was made not just for the sake of design. It also helps to preserve the heat inside for longer.

The thermos measures 70×70×231 mm and weighs 324 g when empty. It can hold up to 525 ml of liquid to keep you hydrated for some time.

KissKissFish CC Cup has the most worthy materials around. An acid-proof stainless steel can stand up to 900°С temperature! Propylene plastic, used for the lid, has higher melting temperature and polycarbonate display cover stands for durability of the screen.

What it was like to use it

The thermos beat our expectations! The water was still around 62°С after 7 hours of keeping it there. 12 hours into a test and the temperature dropped to 45°С, but it was still hot enough to steep some tea. The lid became a little warm to the touch, but the outside of the thermos did not get hot or sweat. An anti-slip band of rubber was very handy.

Temperature sensor worked flawlessly. Flip the thermos upside down, then turn it back to its normal position and check OLED-display to see current water temperature.

One particular attachment we were most curious about was the one for making a boiled egg. We poured „fresh” hot water into the thermos and left an egg inside for 20 minutes. It really cooked.

KissKissFish CC Cup weighs only 324 g, so it is pretty convenient for carrying around in hands and its simple construction prevents spillage no matter how hard you toss it.

Bottom line

It really is something more than a thermos. We made a perfect egg, brewed tea had fun with OLED-display and was not worried that it will leak any liquids. There is no doubt that KissKissFish CC Cup is a unique, versatile and convenient device.

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