LED Ceiling Lights from MiJia That You Will Love

Today an incandescent bulb is a rear find. The industry of light-emitting diode lamps is developing by leaps and bounds. The most recent models are very “smart” and can make fascinating lighting effects, not only for your eye but also for your mood and your mind. Here is a small review of the MiJia Philips Ceiling Lamp.

Technical characteristics:

  • 33W LED light bulb
  • 5cm-thick lamp shade
  • adjustable color temperature and brightness
  • multiple “smart” control options

This is a flat and round ceiling lamp with a diameter of 50 cm. It emits 3000 lumens and can serve as a primary light source in the room of 20 square meters. The light is distributed evenly without hurting your eyesight and creating glares or black areas.

MiJia Philips Ceiling Lamp is equipped with sensors that can track the change in the time of day. The gadget automatically picks the optimal brightness according to the situation and so that you were no longer irritated that the lighting in the room was too bright or too dim. There is one very interesting lighting mode called a “moonlight” mode when the brightness of the lamp reminds the shining of the moon. In that mode, the lamp delivers soft and soothing lighting and gives your mind relaxation especially before bed.

The lamp can also be managed manually through a special app on your smartphone. You can adjust brightness to a preferred level depending on your activities and save it as a separate lighting mode, in order to get back to it in a matter of a click next time.

MiJia Philips Ceiling Lamp comes with a remote control that has “smart” functions too. It incorporates temperature and humidity sensors that suggest the color temperature and intensity of the light based the ambient conditions. 

Outside of that, if paired with Mi Band fitness bracelet the lamp gives you more possibilities to control it remotely, e.g. it will turn on when you come home, and turn off when you leave.

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