LF Magic Touch Massage Pad – Your Personal Massage Therapist

Have you ever felt that you were very tired to continue the work? Sitting in an office or at your workplace at home for many hours can be so harmful to your health. That’s why you should pay attention to this and give yourself some relaxation. Let us introduce you a small assistant that will be with you everywhere and anytime — LF Magic Touch massage pad.

LF Magic Touch massage pad view

If an arm, leg, waist or shoulder pain stays with you every day this device will be ideal for you. You will need only 15 minutes to restore your vitality.

LF Magic Touch massage pad how can help

LF Magic Touch massage pad using

This portable massager is smaller than a usual smartphone — only 44 mm by 44 mm by 10.5mm. You can bring it with you in your bag or even in a pocket.

LF Magic Touch massage pad size

It consists of two parts: main apparatus and sticker-anchorage with special gel for reliable fixation. You can use this sticker for about 50 times and after that, you can easily change it by ordering the new sticker.

LF Magic Touch massage pad view

The device has 5 modes of work with 10 profiles of intensity:

  • automatic mode (slow and average speed of work)
  • gradually growing impetuses
  • intermittent pulsation
  • stable amplitude
  • intensive therapy (massage with high-intensive impulses; the frequency you can choose yourself)

LF Magic Touch massage pad work

You can easily use it for about 7 days and after that you will need to recharge the device. LF Magic Touch massage pad charges via Micro-USB connector and the charging time is about 2.5 hours.

LF massager using

Moreover, you should pay your attention to the design. Do you agree that using well-designed devices is better than usual and plain devices? That’s why this portable LF Magic Touch massage pad has images of funny and popular Cumamoto bear on it.

LF massager design

Thanks to the TENS technology this massage pads works as well as the massage therapist in special spa-center. You will forget about fatigue.

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