Lifestyle: Banana Bowl Porcelain Bowls Decoration For Any Kitchen

There is the proof that Banana Bowl porcelain bowls are suitable for any kitchen or dishes from around the world!

Want to get visual proof that a set of elite porcelain Banana Bowl is suitable for full course dinner, both for desserts and garnishes? You are welcome!

This pale green shade of imperial jade gives celadon glaze, which is mixed with white and blue Chinese porcelain.

The large bowl volume is 450ml, and the small — 300 ml. Pour a miso soup into a large one, put Italian pasta or Ukrainian varenyky into smaller one. Or maybe you want to decorate your table with fresh fruits or vegetables? The choice is yours!

Leading to its colloquial name “eggshell” porcelain, the bowl is extremely thin-walled — the thickness of the walls is only 3 mm.

Products are created according to the traditions of the masters of gray-haired China.

Smooth homogeneous noble color, without any variegation. This pretty Chinese bowl displays beautifully and would be a great addition to a collection of eggshell porcelain, or works equally well displayed on its own.

Add to your kitchen the spirit of Ancient China. Try a treat from porcelain Banana Bowl.

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