Look What We Found! Lei Jun Is Making Notes with Mijia Pen!

This is not the magic of the Photoshop. The charismatic Lei Jun on his own experience proves that the products of his company are extremely qualitative and comfortable in use.

The head of Xiaomi managed to surprise us, when at one of the serious meetings he was noticed with MiJia Pen. Yes, we are not mistaken. The pen in his hand is well-known MiJia Pen Gold.

The explanation of his choice is quite simple because the pen is not only very comfortable but also very qualitative.

The handle of the pen is made of anodized aluminum. The tungsten carbide is the material of rod tip. Fast-drying Japanese inks in combination with Swiss rod PREMEC — ideal for convenient writing. Even after the long session of writing, your arm won’t feel the fatigue.

The ultrathin shape and matte texture, extremely practical and reliable — all of these characteristics are about this elegant pen. Ideal solution for business people.

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