Maintaining Your Teeth White with a Soocare Electric Toothbrush

Our naturally healthy and white teeth are attacked by thousands of bacteria daily. Despite being harder than bone the tooth enamel becomes weaker and more sensitive because of improper teeth hygiene. Other tooth discoloration reasons could be food, tea, coffee, cigarette smoke. It cannot withstand multiple bacteria attacks to the full force, thus usually our teeth turn unpleasantly yellow.

Many people believe that teeth are the last thing to be taken care of. This is an extremely wrong approach! If you think that way you are at a risk of getting a thin teeth enamel, tartar accumulation and a couple of teeth decays.

People consult the dentists to improve the whiteness of teeth: they ask for expensive teeth whitening technologies or to install porcelain dental crowns. But if you take care of your oral cavity and brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, those would not be necessary for a while.

One of the effective devices for keeping your teeth in healthy condition is the Soocare X3 electric toothbrush. Its innovative design and reliable components allow it to provide high-quality care for your teeth.

The vibration frequency of the toothbrush bristles is very high. It can reach 37200 pulsations per minute. The bristles are grouped in special geometric shapes (oval, trapezoid, rhombus), which allow to increase their density by about 40%. Thanks to a special mobile application, you can synchronize Soocare X3 with your smartphone, which will allow you to monitor the effectiveness of each cleaning.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the health of your teeth! Use only the best tools, like the Soocare X3 electric toothbrush.

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