Maison Maxx 4 Piece Flatware Dinnerware Set Makes Eating Just a Bit More Enjoyable

Remember your family meet-ups on holidays, stay-overs at friends’ or romantic dates? Those are valuable moments that you want to spend in a pleasant atmosphere, probably with delicious food being served and definitely not with plastic utensils. But do not worry about the last one. Xiaomi has a cutlery set perfect for everyday use and more formal dinners crafted by Maison Maxx. 

Maison Maxx is a startup company based in San Francisco. Innovation, uniqueness, and practicality are the main components that describe the style Maison Maxx products. Its one-person 4 Piece Flatware Dinnerware Set has an aesthetically pleasant matte finish and is made of quality 304 stainless steel. The material is resistant to corrosion, scratches and other physical impacts, so you can wash it in the dish-washing machine. It is also lightweight and easy to maneuver. 

Each item from was subjected to a vacuum coating process and polishing to provide perfect smoothness. Owing to such a manufacture technology the set can almost pass as real goldware or silverware at first glance! And although it is not, the set it still high quality and will hold up for the long haul. The set comes out in three colors: gold, silver, and black.

With such a set in your kitchen drawer, you do not need to visit a restaurant to enjoy a cozy atmosphere. You can create the mood yourself! Maison Maxx 4 Piece Flatware Dinnerware Set will make every meal feel like an occasion.

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