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We walk at least ten thousand steps every day. Our feet are in direct contact with the insoles during all our daily activity. However, not many people pay attention to this and change the insoles, because they don’t realize how important this question is.

Do you have the uncomfortable shoes? Most likely the discomfort can be caused by insoles.

Thanks to the precise design of the details, the insoles are not only the accessory of the shoes but also are the personal guardians of the feet.

The main material of Maixin Foot Pad is cork. The company selects only the bark material of the cork tree.

Natural cork contains 40 million porous cells per cubic centimeter. Unique cell arrangement structure makes cork excellent in moisture absorption and moisture resistance and can keep the surface dry for a long time, becoming a purifier inside the shoes. The foot odor is caused by the bacteria breeding in the humid environment of the shoes. Keeping the shoes dry is the first factor that inhibits the production of bacteria. This is one of the important reasons why the manufacturer chose cork as the main material.

In addition, the surface of the insoles is made of skin-friendly breathable cotton cloth and treated with nano-silver ion antibacterial coating. This double protection effectively reduces the foot odor and makes your feet feel fresh.

Moreover, these foot pads have the “memory” feature. After 2-3 days of wearing, the foot shape will be automatically memorized by insoles adjusted to provide the comfortable wearing.

At the same time, the cushion material is made of shock-absorbing materials for sports shoes, which helps the cushions to be better decompressed.

Just think how many benefits can bring you the proper insoles. More endurance, less tiredness. Your feet will say “Thank you!”.

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