Manage Your Gadgets With the Smart Audio Speaker Mi AI Speaker

This gadget was the “secret” device that was presented during the release of Mi 5X and MIUI 9. Mi AI Speaker was created in the form factor of well-known Mi Air Purifier. This smart speaker system combines the functions of voice assistant, audio speaker, and the gateway device. At the same time, the price of the gadget is really low.

The construction of the device is quite interesting. On its body, there are six microphones for catching the sound in “360 degrees”. The range of microphones is up to 16 meters. This technical component provides high-quality and comfortable recognition of voice commands.

In addition, the Mi AI Speaker can be controlled manually (for this purpose, there is a special control panel with the LED ring on the top of the speaker) or with the smartphone. The device support wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Due to the compatibility with DLNA standards, Mi AI Speaker can play audio content, as well as interact with other devices.

As mentioned above, the smart gadget can be programmed as a smart home assistant. It will remind you about important meetings, tell you the weather forecast, wake you up in the morning, etc.

Also, we should note its ability to become a “gateway” to other gadgets of the Xiaomi ecosystem — smart sockets, sensors, robotic vacuum cleaner, etc.

Thus, by purchasing Mi AI Speaker you will get a multi-functional smart assistant that can greatly facilitate your home routine. At the moment, the gadget can “talk” only Chinese, however, after a while, the smart column will “speak” in English too.





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