Mi Bunny Building Block Robot — a Toy for Kids and Adults of All Ages

Xiaomi always keeps up with the pace of change in science and technology in order to turn ordinary things into something completely new. When Mi Bunny Building Block Robot was presented you could tell that this transforming and the radio-controlled toy would turn the toy world upside down. 

Mi Bunny Building Block Robot includes 978 parts out of hypoallergenic polycarbonate and two wheels with rubber tires. The robot will delight kids as well as adults. So do not be surprised, grown-ups, if you find yourself hanging out with this toy a lot. Out of that amount of pieces you will be able to assemble it into three different shapes:  a robot, a dinosaur and an aircraft.

The toy represents a major upgrade from what was made 5 years ago. Its headline feature is the inclusion of an inbuilt set of advanced sensors that allow you to communicate with the toy through a smartphone and programme it to do your bidding. To make the robot move or to plot its route you can still use a joystick, however, unfortunately, you need to purchase it separately. The smartphone app is where the magic happens. In the app you can draw a route using your finger or use blocks with preassigned commands, like “Turn left”, “Stop”, “Go back” and arrange in the order you like.

Mi Bunny Building Block Robot is definitely out of a “smart” breed of robots. Take a look at it: does it even look dumb to you? Rather it gives an impression of a super advanced and self-efficient machine. You will not witness how it rolls around your room, bumping into things, falling over, helplessly spinning its wheels and beeping, telling you should pick it up to continue to play. This robot is packed with sensors to allow it to balance, even when carrying a load up to 3 kg.

The engineers thought that you might be still bored with all that and added another technological twist. Now Mi Bunny Building Block Robot can recognize colors. Download the latest update of the app and command the robot to stay away from blue objects or roll along white walls only.

Mi Bunny Building Block Robot is going to be even more addictive. Adults and kids will enjoy their time playing with it and exploring its capabilities.

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